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Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Present


Lia stood on the transporter pad of a new ship, looking round she nodded. *So this is home now*. Stepping down she saluted the transporter personnel and headed out towards the bridge, It had taken some time to get this tour of duty, things had gotten messy in her last ship. Arriving at the bridge she looked for the Captain, unlike her last vessel this time she would just introduce herself no questions or comments.

A bridge officer looked at Lia has she stood on the bridge. "May I help you, Commander?"

Lia turned and smiled, "Lieutenant, I'm looking for the Captain. I'm the new Security Chief."

"Captain is in his Ready Room Commander." Came the polite reply.

Alec meanwhile was in his ready room, He was going through a stack of PaDDS that were of new crew transfers. One he was especially pleased to see as he read the PaDD again. He had lobbied hard to get this officer. They were good at their job and spoke their mind when it was called for. He was looking forward to meeting and working with them.

Having been pointed to the ready room, Lia rang the chimes. With luck her new tour would start off on the right foot, and not with her insulting her new C.O.

Hearing the chime sound, Alec stood and called out, "Enter." As he waited for the visitor to show themselves.

The doors opened and Lia entered, "Good day Captain, Commander Lia Holmes reporting. I trust everything in my joining orders is correct?" She stopped a few feet away from the desk, at least she remembered that much. "I hope this tour will allow both myself and you to get to know each other sir." Lia now shut up before she dropped herself in it, nerves seemed to be heightened but after the last two years what else was new.

Alec smiled pleasantly at Lia. "Commander Holmes, welcome to the Ares. I was just looking over your record. Most impressive. Please have a seat." He said gesturing to one of the two chairs in front of his desk. Would you like anything from the replicator?"

Sitting down, Lia shook her head. "No thank you Captain, I'd like to just get things started if possible please." She then had a thought, "I do have one question before we start on the duty side of things, what are the rules as to how one decorates ones cabin?"

Alec steepled his fingers in front of him, "What sort of decorating do you have in mind to do to your quarters Commander? Once I hear, I'll tell you if it is alright."

"I tend to adapt the interior of my cabin to resemble a traditional Japanese house, I raise the floor so I have the proper entrance and remove non structural interior walls for wooden ones with sliding doors." She looked down at the floor, somehow when you said it out loud it sounded major renovations were being done.

"A Japanese tea house? Now that is different." Alec replied, surprise in his voice. "As long as you don't jeopardize the structural integrity of your quarters, I am fine with the redecorating. In fact i'd like to see it when it is finished."

Lia again glanced at the floor, "No not a Tea House, just a house. I have reasons not to recreate a Tea House, but you're more than welcome to visit with your wife once I have it finished sir. And I promise not to endanger the structural integrity of either my quarters or the ship, although extending outside of the hull does present a challenge I hadn't considered sir." A wide grin had appeared on her face, and a cheeky glint in her eye promising more fun to come.

"I stand corrected Commander. Indulge yourself. I look forward at seeing the completed project and I can where extending outside the hull could be a challenge but I'm sure with your talents you could find a way." Alec grinned back at her.

Holmes sat back and looked at Hunter, "Can I ask why you requested me? I don't exactly have a shining reputation, and have been told I exceed my authority in more ways than one. Those are not normally traits that encourage others to want you around, pardon my forwardness but I'm at a loss as to why you want me."

"A good question. Honest and direct." Alec replied. "That is exactly why I requested you Lia. may I call you Lia? I want people who aren't afraid to speak their mind. To push their authority but who know when to be quiet and do their duty. You have that quality Commander. I know Mari my wife and first officer will speak up and give her opinion, but she'll also follow orders. You wish to question me? You can in here, on the bridge we are a united team."

Lia placed her head in her hands, "I have no problem with you calling me Lia, its my name. But are you sure about me pushing back?" She now raised herself and looked at Hunter, "I follow orders providing those orders are legal and above board, I don't wish to rock the boat, and I won't promise not to rock it. Sir you're a puzzle to me, but this is my tour now and I'll back you one hundred percent."

"All I ask is that you give this ship, crew and me your best effort Lia." Alec answered. "Don't worry about rocking the boat. Smooth sailing is boring. As for backing me, I can't ask for anything more." He smiled.

"I will try and fit in sir, but you know yourself how a crew can take its own sweet time in accepting new Officers. And being Security and Tactical might mean one or two testing the waters, I only wish I had CWO Dolton with me. She was a brig Officer I got to know, fiery Welsh and by the book. But she got posted to Rigal 12, some sort of exchange program."

"If they are bold enough to test you, I say good luck to them." Alec made a notation on a PaDD. "Chief Warrant Officer Dolton you say? What is her first name? I can request a transfer for her here. Be good to have someone you are familiar with, working beside you."

The response she got now surprised Lia even more, "Pardon? Are you serious Captain? I'm sure it must mention what happened the last time Dolton and Holmes got together in that report." Taking a deep breath, Lia now made a suggestion, "Due respect sir, but I'd check on Carol Dolton first. You may not want her on this ship, she's an ex first Officer from another dimension." Holmes really wanted Carol, but thought it only fair Hunter had all the facts first. "She tends to speak as she finds, which can lead to trouble sir. I thought it best to fully inform you."

Alec had the good graces to listen patiently as Lia briefed him on Dolton. "Consider me briefed and informed Lia. You recommended her is all I need to know. I'm putting the request for Chief Warrant Officer Dolton right now. With good fortune, she will be here in a few days."

Holmes sat stunned, never had a Captain acted so quickly when she'd made a suggestion. "Thank you sir, I'm sure Carol will prefer a ship to being planet side." Maybe this fresh start would work out, if only her husband had come with her. But he like the past, was now gone as was her darling daughter. "If you've no objection Captain, I'll go find my next assignment, revamping my cabin. Do you like Chicken Ramen sir?"

"My pleasure Lia." Alec replied with a smile. "I have no objections at all. Once I get noticed that Dolton is on the way, I will let you know. As for Chicken Ramen. I like it very much."

Standing up, Homes extended her hand. "I'll try and do the best I can Captain, and with luck we'll stay on the straight and narrow." She stood for a moment then continued, "As for Dolton, I'll keep her as a brig Officer for now. And see how she settles in, is that ok with you sir?"

Alec stood as well and extended his hand, clasping Lia's in a warm, firm grip. "That is all I ask Lia. That you do try your best As for Dolton. you know her best and where best to use her. If you want her as your brig officer, I have no objections. I'm also going to try and see if I can get her promoted. OH, I doubt I can get her former rank back but I do think I can wrangle a Lieutenant rank or even a Lt. Commander for her. After all, she going to be your brig officer. She might as well have the rank and look the part." He grinned.

Lia smiled, "She'd be grateful to be an Lt. sir, make her a Commander and she'll be after your job." She stood and looked at the man who for some strange reason wanted her as Security Chief, "Permission to be dismissed Sir." She said quietly.

"By all means Lia. I've kept you from your job too long. I'll keep you apprised of Dolton's transfer here. It shouldn't be too long to hear something and for her to be on board.." Alec replied.

Holmes was about to leave when she remembered something, "I'd better report to the CMO before starting my duties, don't want to be getting off on the wrong foot there." Lia turned and headed out and off to sickbay, time to meet the CMO.




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