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Getting to know you - Part 2

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2024 @ 6:00pm by Lieutenant JG Danica Hunter & Captain Alec Hunter

1,528 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: Following Part 1

Having unpacked her things and learned how to put up a tent, Dani was sitting on a large log in-front of the campfire. “This is nice, being able to look up at the stars, plus it’s a bonus not having to worry about the weather!”

Alec smiled at his daughter. Her excitement radiated off her and he was so very happy to share it with her. "I'm glad you like it Dani. It is peaceful, relaxing. Tomorrow, you go fishing. Have you ever been fishing before?"

“Fishing! Me?” Dani shook her head. “Never! This is a total learning curve for me!”

Alec laughed at her, "Then you are in for a truly eye opening experience Dani and I hope an enjoyable one."

Dani couldn’t help but grin. “I must seem like I’ve lead a totally sheltered life! All part of being the daughter of an Ambassador.”

"Not sheltered at all Dani, just different." Alec pointed out. "Now, we work on getting you more rounded."

“Sounds good to me father” Dani smiled warmly. “It’s nice to be able to be me, not to have to stay sheltered or avoid getting in the way because my mother has important guests!”

"Always be yourself Dani and you are never in the way, so don't worry about that." Alec smiled at his daughter.

Dani nodded. “Trust me you’ll regret saying that once I’m settled into my duties.” She grinned. “I can be a right pain in the backside sometimes! Read the reports from my Psychology tutors!”

"Oh, I will." Alec replied. "However for now you aren't a pain and I like to live in the moment."

“You and me both!” Callie grinned. “Looks like I’ve inherited that from you at the very least!”

"A good trait to have to be sure." Alec answered as he handed her a cooked hotdog in a bun, "Condiments are to your right, mustard, ketchup and relish. I hope you like it."

“Mmm lovely!” Dani reached for the ketchup, squirting a small amount along the length of her hot dog. “I love ketchup!” She took a bite letting her food savour in her mouth. She nodded as she swallowed. “Now delicious!”

"Glad you like it Dani, but any true hot dog lover knows the only thing you put on a hot dog is mustard" Alec replied with a grin.

Dani swallowed her latest bite of hotdog. “To be honest...I don’t like mustard. So far I’ve found a love of ketchup and bbq sauce.”

"my daughter is a savage." Alec replied with a smile. "Not liking mustard? Who ever heard such." He took a bite of his own hot dog. "Oh, that is heavenly. "I do like BBQ sauce but not on a hot dog."

“Ohh I agree!” Dani smiled. “Ketchup is my go to for most things, I just love the flavour!” She smiled as she paused to eat some more of her hot dog, she was enjoying it no end.

Alec handed her a bag with some chips in it. "There's some baked beans as well if you would like some. "Mustard does it for me. it just enriches everything it goes on."

Dani grinned as she tucked into her food, this whole camping idea was proving to be a fun one. "I'm enjoying this, the whole atmosphere, and getting to know you better." she smiled warmly at Alec. "Thanks Dad."

"A it takes two to tango Dani. So, thank you as well. I think this is going to be an adventure we will look back on with fond memories. Want another hot dog or baked beans?" Alec offered his daughter.

"I never say no to food!, a hot dog please!" Dani grinned as she offered up her picnic plate.

"Another hot dog it is." Alec answered as he used the tongs to place a hot dog and bun on Dani's plate. "Enjoy." He told her.

Dani grinned as she picked up the ketchup giving it a thin squirt on her hot dog. “For what it’s worth, I really am enjoying this time getting to know each other.”

Alec swallowed the hot dog in his mouth before replying. "Me too Dani. This a nice, unstressful get to know each other better trip. I'm really enjoying it as well."

Dani nodded. “So, Tell me more about you. I want to know everything!”

Alec shook his head and laughed, "Oh no Dani. Not everything. There are parts of my life where I have done things, I didn't want to but had to. Those stay with me." He smiled at her, "Well, the first thing is I love Mari very much. I trust her completely. She is my wife, best friend, lover and confidant. I value her opinion. I would be lost without her."

Dana nodded. "That much I sensed and saw when you introduced me to her. I'm glad that you have someone who loves you, as much as you love her." she smiled warmly.

"I couldn't ask for anyone better than Mari and now I have a daughter as well. That is just icing on the cake." Alec said with a broad grin. "And I couldn't be happier or prouder."

Dani smiled the biggest, happiest smile yet. “I will continue to make your proud, you’ll have the best Counsellor in the Fleet!”

"That will be a bonus, as I already have the best daughter in the galaxy." Alec replied honestly. Having a daughter like Dani was so fulfilling. it was a dream come true for him.

"Awww that's beautiful, thank you!" Dani couldn't help but smile. This truly was the best camping trip ever!

"You are welcome, and you deserve it." Alec answered as he took a spoonful of the baked beans, "Now, do you know anything about fishing?"

“Fishing...” Dani shook her head. “I’ve watched but I’ve never tried it. Like I said before I’ve lead a sheltered life.” She grinned a wry grin.

"Not sheltered Dani, just different with different priorities." Alec countered. "As for fishing, I think you will like it, I certainly hope you do." He gestured towards the lake, "The lake has trout, salmon and pike in it along with other species of fish so, there's a good chance you will catch something."

“Fingers crossed!” Dani grinned. This was turning into one of the best days ever, getting to know her father as well as learn new things. “I can’t wait to see my mother’s face when she hears about all of this!”

"I think your mother is going to be quite surprised as well as proud when you tell all you've done and learned Dani." Alec answered honestly.

“Either that or completely horrified!” Dani grinned. “Life on Drax is kind of.... more set on achievements than on having fun. It’s a different pace of life. For me this is wonderful.”

"Different strokes for different folks." Alec replied, "Fishing can be seen as an achievement Dani, It's you against the fish. Sometimes you win sometimes the fish wins. That is what makes it a challenge. Nothing is guaranteed."

Dani nodded. “Then it’s going to be a lot of fun, and frustration. I like to win! I hear that Starfleet has a test, the...Kobiashi Maru? The no win scenario. A test of character where there is no right or wrong answer. I hate those kinds of tests!”

"It builds character Dani. Teaches you to trust yourself as you study a problem looking for the best solution." He smiled at her, "We all like to win Dani. However, you can play a perfect game and still lose. Losing and dealing with and learning from are just as important as winning."

Dani nodded. “That’s very true. We all have to face our own demons, whether it’s in winning or losing, we are all better off in the long run.”

"That's very good Dani. Try to remember that when you are fishing." Alec chuckled at her. "I think you will fishing a unique experience. One to test your patience."

“I guess we’ll find out just how patient!” Dani couldn’t help but grin. This was turning out to be a lot of fun.”

"Indeed, we will." Alec agreed with a grin. "I want you to have fun Dani, for this to be a pleasant, happy experience for you."

“I am happy dad” Dani smiled warmly. “This is a lot of fun, getting to know you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

"Just remember you said that after you get finished fishing. You might change your mind." Alec replied with a grin. "Um, on the subject of fishing. You never baited a hook before, have you?"

“Absolutely not!” Dani grinned. “If I don’t like it then I’ll just have to avoid doing it again won’t I?”

Alec let out a huge laugh at Dani's statement. " I suppose you will." He agreed. "However, I am hoping you do like it."

“Only one way to find out!” Dani grinned, she was enjoying this time very much.



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