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First Impressions.

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2024 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Rella Diron Dr & Captain Alec Hunter

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Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: Captain's ready room. USS Ares.

Rella tugged at her collar as she pressed the chime on the door to the Captain's ready room. The need for her in the sickbay on the station had finally finished and, after a shower in her new quarters she has swiftly dressed tied back her red hair and raced to the bridge. breathing heavily she waited.

Inside the ready room. Alec was looking over the recent crew transfers to the Ares as well as crew transfers, he wanted to make when his door chime sounded. "Come in!!" He called out as he waited for whomever was at the door to enter.

Rella learned her throat and entered. Standing to attention the first thing she noticed about him were his deep blue eyes "Captain, I am Rella Diron your new ACMO. I want to apologise for my rudeness on the station, I was anxious to return to my patients and I had only just been informed of my transfer to the Ares, My orders were for the CMO position the station."

Alec nodded at her explanation. "No apology is necessary Doctor. It was a hectic time. Please have a seat." As he gestured to one of the two chair in front of his desk. "Your orders are correct. You are the CMO of the station and ACMO aboard the Ares. I hope that is alright with you. As we can use your experience on the station as well as aboard the Ares."

For a moment Rella actually thought about it. "No sir, I would rather be on board, it's just difficult to relinquish a CMO position, but" she smiled brightly I cannot think of a place I would rather be. What is the CMO like?"

"But you haven't relinquished a CMO position Doctor. You ARE the CMO of the station. You are ACMO on the Ares. And Doctor Corelli will be ACMO on the station. So you both retain your CMO positions." Alec replied.

Rella nodded, "Thank you Sir that has made it clearer for me. Captain may I ask why you chose me for this position?"

Alec looked into Rella's eyes and didn't reply for a moment. When he did it was to the point. "Why? Because I want the best for the Ares and her crew. You, Doctor are the best."

For a moment Rella was struck dumb, something that she was not used to being. When she answered she answered from the heart. "Thank you Captain Hunter for your candour, the idea is interesting and I hope to prove your faith in me. One of the things I have been used to having with my commanding officers is a weekly conversation about the health of crew members and the state of medicine on the station. I realise my CMO on board the Ares would be the person I would approach but, of course the station is different?" she let the statement hang in the air.

Alec took a moment to reply. "I am if nothing else Doctor candid. As for your weekly meetings with your commanding officer, I see nothing wrong with that arrangement. However, in this case your commanding officer will be Commander Hunter. She is in command of the station. In addition, I think you and Doctor Corelli should begin having weekly meetings with me. So, everyone is on the same page. What do you think?"

She smiled. "I think that will be acceptable sir, will that be all I have to get back to the station?"

"Good." Alec answered. "I like it when a plan comes together. That will be all except for the fact of me welcoming you aboard the Ares. Oh, I look forward to the weekly meetings."

Rella Smiled, "thank you Captain, I look forward to being part of the Ares family."


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