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Lieutenant Commander Rella Diron

Name Rella Diron Dr

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1in
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green.
Physical Description Tall, slim with muscular upper body. Usual Trill markings. Long red hair. Has duranium insert to right thigh due to Perthings syndrome.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sajis Bedan. Deceased.
Mother Masson Vauvux. Remarried.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Yeesi Vauvux
Other Family 4 previous hosts.
Condro Diron. Male. Surgeon, physician. Astrophysicist. D aged 84
Sella Diron. Female Dancer, artist and playwright. D aged 22.
Vodria Diron. Female. Trill Ambassador to Klingon Empire. D aged 57.
Vrema Diron. Male. Information redacted by Trill security Council.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rella has a strong personality which sometimes clashes with authority. She is a unconditional adjunct for her patients and will often go over authority if she feels it will help. She is able to draw on her four previous hosts and will sometimes display their personalities.
Strengths & Weaknesses Previous hosts knowledge. Almost photo memory. Gentle when needed. Enjoys improving her knowledge about medicine, surgery and the galaxies. Can speak many languages.

Can sometimes clash with authority. Has occasional anger issues which she prefers to address in the Holodeck.
Ambitions To explore new worlds and new civilizations and to go where no Trill has gone before. To increase medical knowledge to use.

To one day have children.
Hobbies & Interests Friaball.
Klingon weaponry.
Reading original hard copy books.
Vulcan spirituality.
Free diving.

Personal History Rella was born on the Trill homeworld and as far as she knew always wanted to be joined. Her father was killed when Rella was 4 and her mother moved her to Vulcan where they lived until Rella was 12. During that time Rella studied everything she could. One day when she was 11 she was at school when one of her friends had a sudden allergic reaction and died. Rella was beside herself with grief and to assuage some of that began to research what she could have done. Gradually her interest in medicine and surgery grew.

Returning to Trill she began to study what she needed to know to become joined. Her mother told her the chances were slim to none. She became friendly with the daughter of a Federation Medical Officer and spent many happy times on visits to the Bellaphron learning that she wanted to join Starfleet as a medic.

At age 19 she obtained a place at the Trill Academy of medicine and graduated as a Physician a year earlier than her class. This brought her to the attention of the Symbiosis Commission who followed her burgeoning career. At age 24 she was offered a post as one of the directors of the Academy due to her Knowledge and ability to deal with practically anything. At aged 23 a symbiont became available and was offered to Rella who accepted with joy. Although she was expected to stay in her post at the Trill Academy of medicine, she decided to join Starfleet.

She was Accepted at the academy and moved to earth. She attended the medical Academy at Starfleet and undertook A further surgical degree at the University of London hospital.

After graduating from the academy, she took a further degree in space medicine and astrophysics. Relagh was offered a post on the staff of the medical transport Divinity.
Service Record MD Ensign. Medical Transport Divinity. 2 years.
MD Lieutenant JG. Starship Tryon. 3 years.
MD. ACMO Lieutenant JG. Starship Bonaventure. Due to death of current ACMO and CMO whilst on a mission to the Daedalus system. Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor.
MD. ACMO Bonaventure promoted to Lieutenant. 3 years.
MD. CMO promoted to Commander. Medical Transport James Kirk.