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Run in with the devil

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2024 @ 9:15am by Lieutenant Commander Rella Diron Dr & Captain Alec Hunter & Lieutenant Commander Shauna Callaghan & Lieutenant JG Danica Hunter

1,293 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: Starbase 135 Sickbay.

Rella had barely time to put her belongings down, shower and change into her uniform before her com badge pipped. =/\= Doctor Diron, this is nurse Michelson , sorry to bother you but we have multiple explosive injures from a Derian freighter on the way. Please can you......=/\=

Rella cut her off, =/\= On my way=/\= as she flew out of the door she knew protocol had not been served as she had not contacted Captain Hunter, but saving lives came first. "Coming through!" she announced as people managed to avoid her. If Rella thought the promenade noisy then the burst of noise from sickbay was several decibels higher. it seemed to her no one was triaging what looked like a small group of Derian's wailing. "Everybody stop and listen" she shouted above the noise. I am Rella your new ACMO. I will triage, you" she pointed to a nurse, "Prepare your ion burns protocol, everyone else take a deep breath." Medical Tricorder out she began to scan those Derian's that were quiet. "Concussive blast injuries, analgesia, stasis." she pointed to a doctor realising she knew no one or their designation. She shrugged, time to make friends later.

Having arrived aboard the Ares, Shauna Callaghan had arrived at Sickbay just in time to catch the new CMO taking charge of what had been chaos. She tapped her comm badge. =^= Callaghan to Captain Hunter, please report to Sickbay! =^= Not being one for standing on ceremony Shauna rolled up her sleeves ready to help. “Commander Shauna Callaghan, what can I do to help you Doctor?”

Rella nodded thankfully, "Please place pressure on this sucking wound, there is metal within the chest so I must prepare for surgery. Once I can take the patient I would appreciate your help in overseeing the nurses. I do not know what they are capable of as I have not yet met my team." just then another patient was beamed in seemingly not breathing.

Shauna nodded. “I can do that Doctor, take care of your surgery prep we can manage out here.” She looked around the nurses as she placed pressure on the wound Rella had mentioned. “Ensign, Lieutenant, get that patient on a biobed stat! Computer....activate EMH.”

As the EMH appeared Shauna motioned to the new patient. “Take care of that patient Doctor, we have our hands full.”

Rella had little time for Emrgency Medical Holograms since the last one she worked with had turned into a ravening murderer killing four patients at the T'ashall retreat on Trill Prime but, that had been over four years ago. she had been hoping to get to know her staff a little better, get to know their capabilities.. As soon as she had met Commander Callaghan she knew she could leave some patients in her capable hands. She prepared the surgical stasis pod whilst grabbing a nurse to help her. The concussive blast patient she was trying to save had a large portion of her brain outside her strange shaped scull. The clamshell life support moved across the patient and Rella saw the monitor levels drop to negative. "life support now, 3ccs dialamadon, 20ccs dinorpressor, surgical kit, all in that order......please?" she added looking into the overwhelmed face of the nurse. Rella smiled, "don't worry take a deep breath, I'll take you through it. My name is Rella and I'm the new medical officer here." As the meds and resuscitative measures began the help Rella managed to look out into the main part of the sickbay for a moment. Commander Callaghan seemed to know what she was doing. She looked back at her patient and began to stabilise her cortical functions.

Shauna was busy helping where she could when the sickbay doors opened to reveal Alec and Danica.

“Captain..” Shauna moved across to Alec nodding politely to the Lieutenant she’d yet to meet. “It seems there was an explosion aboard a freighter, we’ve had several serious injuries. The Doctor is in surgery at present.”

Danica looked at her father. “I’ll see what I can do to help.” Nodding to Shauna she moved across to the wounded offering support.

Rella moved quickly from patient to patient. There had already been two fatalities and Rella had begun to beat herself up about them. Had she been quicker, had her diagnosis been enough? she shrugged her shoulders and turned to her next patient. Rella had noticed two other members of Starfleet, one of them the Captain and the other a Lieutenant. She moved across to Shauna. "Thank you for your help I think we are getting the situation under control, thank you for activating the EMH, Im not a great fan of EMH's but this one seems to know what he is doing. We will need to arrange quarters for those Derian's we can discharge since their ship was destroyed. Looks like we only had one fatality, two in stasis, three recovering from surgery seven for discharge with minor injuries and three still waiting for treatment. Normally in these situations I hold a debriefing session after the fact away from sickbay with a counsellor present. As it is being brand new here I am not sure if I am staying or being deployed to the ship." she turned to acknowledge a nurse handing her a padd, putting a hand on the nurses shoulder Rella asked in a quiet voice, "are you okay?" the nurse nodded and seemed thankful for the touch. She looked at the information on the padd signed off on it and handed it back. "So she asked are you from the Station or the Ares?

Shauna was impressed with Rella’s professionalism and empathy with those she worked with. “I’m First Officer of the Ares” Shauna smiled warmly. “And I do believe, from what I was reading earlier, that you are assigned to the Ares as our new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. This is Captain Hunter...” she motioned to Alec. “That young lady there...” She motioned to Danica, “is Chief Counsellor Danica Hunter.”

Dani heard her name mentioned and looked across offering a warm smile, and a nod of her head.

Rella smiled and nodded back meaning to connect with the counsellor as soon as possible. "it seems the Ares is a family ship unless I am mistaken?" she asked.

Making her way over for a moment Dani nodded. “Correct, Captain Hunter is my father.” She smiled warmly. “It’s nice to meet you Doctor. I’ll see what I can do to find temporary accommodation for our guests. Given we don’t know when the ship will be departing it’s probably best if I arrange quarters on the station for them temporarily.”

"Thank you Lieutenant. I am sure our guests would be happy about that. I am sure they will also be in need of counselling." Rella turned to the Captain. "Pardon me sir but I will have to get back to work, I will see you on board." she turned and left returning to her patients her mind racing with the prospect of serving on the Ares despite the fact that it would be a demotion. She had, after all been offered the CMO position on board the statin.

"I look forward to speaking with you later Doctor, once this situation is over." Alec interjected.

Rella nodded whilst taking a padd from an unknown nurse. "Well done." Rella told her and handed it back. She turned back to Captain Hunter. "Thank you Captain I would welcome that conversation." She smiled and turned back to her patients.

"Come by my ready room when you have a moment, and we'll have that conversation." Alec replied with a smile.

"Yes Sir" Rella directed to the Captain now behind her.


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