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Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2024 @ 1:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Shauna Callaghan & Lieutenant Commander Casey Callaghan

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Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: Callaghan Quarters
Timeline: Current

Arriving home Shauna paused inside the door of her quarters, the sight of more bags piled up on the floor was a surprise, even more so when she set eyes on her husband. “Casey!!!” She practically ran and jumped into his arms showering him with passionate kisses.

He turned and caught her easily. His arms wrapping around her slender body as he returned the kisses with equal passion. Before pulling back and looking at her. "You sure kiss great but you better stop. My wife is very jealous." He teased her.

“Is that so?” Shauna grinned. “Then you’d best tell her to move over as I’m moving in!”

Casey kissed her again and again. "Baby, I sure have missed you!" As he kissed her again. As he paused his kissing of her, Casey said, "Reunited and it feels sooooooooo good!"

“You’re damn right it does!” Shauna returned the kisses. “How would you like to follow these spots, they do go all the way down you know.” She smiled a wry smile.

Casey smiled and carried her over to the bed. "They do!?" He said in mock surprise. "You know connect a dot was always a favorite of mine," As he kissed her again.

“Mmmm mine too!” Shauna’s Fingers soon found his clothing, encouraging him in removing his layers. “We have to make up for lost time.”

Casey's fingers were already busy undoing Shauna's uniform and pulling it slowing down off her shoulders and revealing the creamy, smooth skin there.. "Truer words were never spoken Shauna. We can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed." He grinned.

“Mmmm I like the sound of that!” Shauna grinned as she encouraged her husband in every way, she planned on making up for all their lost time.

A few moments later Shauna was naked before him and he was well on the way as he took in her gorgeous figure, " Beautiful Shauna. I have so missed you."

“I’ve missed you too, more than you’ll ever know!” Shauna smiled as she ran her fingers over his chest. “It’s been so lonely by myself, dreaming of you being here with me,”

"You will be lonely no more my love. I promise you and this is no dream." Casey said with a smile.

“Then I will want no longer!” Shauna smiled as she pulled Casey down for a passionate kiss.

"Good. Let the good times commence." Casey answered as he returned Shauna's passionate kisses.

Passionate kisses lead to more passionate kisses, as one thing to lead to another, before long they were totally engrossed in one another, making passionate love...

~ Sometime Later ~

Shauna lay happily in her husband’s arms, this was a dream come true. A long awaited reunion that had been well worth the wait

Casey turned his head to look at Shauna as they basked in the afterglow of their love making. "Sweetheart that was, you are amazing. Wow! Oh wow!. "

“It wasn’t just me!” Shauna grinned as she lifted her head to look at Casey. “It takes two to make mad passionate love you know!” She grinned as she leant in and kissed him, then lay her head back on his shoulder. “It’s still like a dream come true having you here.”

"Well, if you like I can leave for a while and come back later and see if we have the same results." Casey teased as he kissed Shauna again and again.

“You will do no such thing!” Shauna grinned. “I’m enjoying this far too much, besides what makes you think we won’t be doing this again tonight?” She smiled a wry smile.

"Oh yeah, Good point. I do like the way you think Shauna." Casey grinned as he pulled the sheets up over them and started kissing her again.

Shauna couldn't help but giggle. "You do know....we have work to do, however...." she relented. "We've got a few more minutes."

~ A while later ~

Shauna stood in-front of the mirror making sure she looked presentable. "It's a good job Captain Hunter isn't officially aboard yet, otherwise we'd be in trouble!" she grinned. "Not that I'm complaining!" she gave Casey a wry smile.

"In trouble? Why? I was overjoyed to see my wife and I responded accordingly." Casey bantered as he smoothed out his own uniform.

"I'm sure he'd understand, but I wouldn't want to make the wrong impression" Shauna grinned as she turned to face Casey. "Looking as handsome as ever."

"Awww. You are such a flatterer Shauna and you look as beautiful and stunning as ever." Casey replied.

“Why thank you my love” Shauna smiled as she kissed Casey on the cheek. “We’d best get going I’ve got a lot to do ahead of the Captain taking Command.”

"Taking command? Captain Hunter, He hasn't taken command yet? I thought that would have been the first thing he would have done." Casey shrugged his shoulders, "But then what do I know?"

“He hasn’t Officially taken Command yet, this is his ship all the same” Shauna smiled. “Let’s get going, you know me I like to make a good impression.”

"You met him? Casey questioned. "What was he like? Is easy to talk to?" As he peppered Shauna with questions.

Shauna grinned. "He's very nice, though he puts me in mind he could be quite stern when he wants to be. Just like any other Captain really."

Casey nodded at Shauna's take on the captain. "Yeah, they are all nice before they have you for dinner." He joked. "I can't wait to meet him."

“I think you’ll get along just fine my love” Shauna smiled. “I shouldn’t be late home everything I’ve got to do is straight forward enough, baring any surprises of course.”

Casey nodded, "Sounds good sweetie. I should go and report into Captain Hunter even if he hasn't taken command yet. If nothing else just to let him know I have arrived." He grinned at Shauna, "I'll tell you all about it over dinner."

Shauna nodded. "Sounds to good me handsome" she smiled before giving him another kiss. "I'll see you later."

Casey returned the kiss. "It is a date beautiful." Being reunited with Shauna was the best thing to happen to him next to marrying her.

“See you then handsome” Shauna smiled as she reluctantly pulled herself away. “Duty calls.” With that she headed out of the door, wishing the end of shift would hurry up so she could be back with Wyatt again.



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