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Meanwhile in the Demons Eye Nebula...

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2024 @ 12:02pm by Lieutenant JG Danica Hunter

530 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: The Drax system
Timeline: Current

"What are you talking about!? Federation? what Federation?" Arani paced back and forth as his patience, which was forever short lived, was tested to the limit.

"It's called the United Federation of Planets Arani" Janus smiled as he rubbed his hands together. "The Drax Ambassador's kid has left the protection of the home world, she's with this Federation now. It seems she's gone to join them."

"The Ambassador's kid?" Arani nodded. "The girl?"

"Yes Sir" Janus nodded. "Just to think what we could demand if we got our hands on her! She's a descendant of the Matriarchal line, they'll give us whatever we want."

"Perhaps" Arani nodded. "But they're not fools, she's not even a pure blood. I doubt she'd ever be Matriach, the people wouldn't want a half blood to rule them. Though it could sway her mother to do our bidding." he smiled. "What do we know about this Federation?"

"Not much yet Sir" Janus motioned Arani to the screen nearby. "Here's everything we know so far, I have my people out there getting us more information as I speak. I've also got someone keeping me up-to-date on the whereabouts of the girl."

"Good" Arani smiled as he looked through the information in-front of him. "I want to be kept up-to-date with absolutely everything, no matter how small. The more we know, the better prepared we can be when the time comes to get what we're owed. I don't make mistakes, and I'm not going to start now.

Janus nodded. "I'll make sure of it. We've languished out here on this rock in this nebula forever! I want my family home back, that and everything else that was taken from me!"

"One could say you knew what you were getting into in the first place though Janus" Arani paced over to the tiny viewport window of their base. "We were fools to think they wouldn't find out where we were, but we'll make them pay, just wait and see!"

Nodding Janus exited the room leaving Arani alone, tapping the screen he pulled up a photograph one that his friend Janus had seen many times before as they'd grown up.

The scene was an official family portrait, that of the Matriarchal line. The current raining Matriarch sitting on her throne, her daughter Cerese standing beside her. In front of Cerese stood her young daughter Danica, and beside Danica stood her half brother Arani. Even though Arani would never come to rule, he was part of the family line, if he had daughter's in the future they would come to join the ruling line but as it was Danica would inherit first.

That was something he hated, the fact that males were considered inferior to females. That they never came to rule even if they were part of the family line, they were expected to step aside to allow for the next female in the line to rule instead. He wanted to change all that, to have his time when it came. To do that he'd have to instigate big changes, those wouldn't be easy to force, it would take time and planning but he would find a way.



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