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Posted on Sun Jan 7th, 2024 @ 10:59pm by Captain Alec Hunter & Lieutenant JG Danica Hunter
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Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: USS Ares, Starbase 135

Having arrived from Drax space, and been to Starfleet headquarters on Earth seeking permission to join Starfleet, Danica had spent what felt like forever waiting to hear what her fate would be. Eventually she'd received the official go ahead, her training at the Academy on Drax being comparable to Starfleet Academy she'd been granted the rank of Lieutenant junior grade, and the position of Chief Counsellor aboard the USS Ares.

After taking the next transport to Starbase 135 she eventually arrived at her final destination, after what felt like forever she was finally going to find the man she'd been wanting to meet, granted her father didn't even know she existed. It was going to be a shock for him, but she could only hope he'd accept her for who and what she was.

Clearing security she boarded the Ares, stopping long enough to find her quarters and drop her bag off. She picked up the padd with her assignment on and headed straight for the Captain's ready room. She'd waited long enough, she wasn't waiting a moment longer. Standing outside she straightened her uniform and pressed the chime.

Alec had returned to the Ares after spending the night on the station and with Mari. He hadn't officially taken command yet but was in the ready room, looking over transfers both to and from the ship when his door chime sounded. Not expecting anyone, he was surprised by the chime sounding. Standing up he checked his appearance and called out "Enter!"

Walking into the ready room Danica wasn't sure exactly what she expected to find, but the man before her was younger than she expected him to be. "Lieutenant Danica, reporting for duty Captain" she approached the desk and handed over her orders.

Alec accepted the orders. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Before we get started would you like anything from the replicator?" He asked politely of the young woman standing before him.

"A lemonade would go down a treat please Sir" Danica nodded. "It's been a long few days getting here from my home world." she smiled politely as she took a seat in front of the desk.

"One lemonade coming up." Alec replied as he retrieved the lemonade and returned to Danica. "Here you go Lieutenant." As he now moved behind his desk and sat down. He picked up the PaDD and began reading it over. "I see you are from Drax. I was stationed there early in my career. "A beautiful world. I have fond, memories." A smile on his face as he remembered.

Danica smiled. "It is beautiful Sir, I believe you knew my mother." she gave him a curious look. All she knew was his name, her mother hadn't said much else about him although she could tell that he had once been special to her.

Now it was Alec's turn to give Danica a curious look. "Your mother?" He questioned.

Danica nodded. "Ambassador Cerese Sir" She gave Alec an almost longing look, all he had to do was look at her family details and he'd see his name listed as her father. "I err...I'm your daughter, Sir."

Alec sat back in his chair as Danica told him that he was her father. "Cerese." He whispered softly, a smile on his face. He looked at the PaDD saw he was listed as Danica's father. "I'm sorry Lieutenant. You must think me a poor excuse for a father. This is a complete shock to me. I had no idea I had a daughter. How is Cerese? Your mother?"

Danica smiled, he'd taken it better than she expected. "My mother is very well, thank you Sir. Still an Ambassador, she's currently busy with her duties." she paused. "To be completely honest with you, she never told me anything about you until recently, that was mainly because I wanted to know who my father was. I think she was more worried about how having a child would affect your career, hence why she never told you." she offered a warm smile. "For reference I may look like a teenager, as Humans call it, but I'm actually 28 Drax years old."

Alec still sat a look of surprise and pleasure on his face. After a moment he spoke, "I am happy to hear she is doing well. She is a wonderful woman. We fell out of touch." He added sadly, "Your mother was always good for thinking ahead, seeing the big picture." He looked across the desk at Danica. "You do look like a teenager." He admitted. "But I have no doubt you are extremely qualified to handle the position of Chief Counselor."

Danica nodded. "Starfleet has agreed that the Academy on Drax is comparable enough to Starfleet Academy for me to be able to assume a position and rank onboard your ship. As with all Drax I'm empathic, and I'm also a line of sight, and touch, telepath. Just think of me as...I believe you call them Betazoids?"

Alec nodded. "I am familiar with the Academy on Drax. They have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Betazoids is correct, and Vulcans are touch telepaths. It will be a pleasure to have you aboard."

"Thank you" Danica smiled warmly. "I'm pretty new to just about everything right now, but I have visited planets with my mother over the years. I'll adapt quickly enough. May I ask, do you have family?"

Alec smiled and nodded happily. I have a wife. Marissa "Mari" Hunter. She is the commander of the space station we are docked at, as well as being the Ares XO. No children though other than you." He smiled.

Danica nodded. "I hope my turning up like this isn't going to cause problems for you. What if your wife doesn't like me turning up out of the blue like this? I have no wish to cause any trouble. I would prefer to get to know you, and to make you proud of me."

"I don't think you have anything to worry about. Mari is open minded. You won't cause any trouble." Alec assured her. I want to know you as well Danica and I hope you can be proud of me. I am already proud of you."

Danica couldn't help but smile. "Thank you....father. Please call me Dani, it's what everyone calls me. Would it be best to wait to introduce myself to Mari, or would sooner be better than later?"

"Very well Dani. you may call me father or Alec if you prefer but not Daddy." He smiled. "As for Mari it would be best if she finds out now. Don't like springing things on her." Alec replied.

"Understood father" Dani smiled warmly, "I'll make a point of dropping in to speak to her. While we're on the subject, it's normally Drax culture to use a surname like Humans do, but as I'm half Human I'd like to." she paused. "Would it be alright with you if I used your surname? I think Danica Hunter has a nice ring to it."

Alec blinked at her. "I would be honored but are you sure? Do you wish to speak to Mari alone? Or would you like me to come with you?"

"Perhaps it would be best if we went together?" Dani offered a warm smile. "At least then if there's any questions I can't answer, maybe you'll be able to. As for the surname, Yes I'm quite sure, I've had time to consider it and what it means in society here, whilst on the way from Drax. If you could approve the update of my personnel file of course."

"I'll do the update right now." As Alec took the PaDD containing Danica's orders and service record and recorded the name change to Hunter. "You mother is okay with this?" He asked just before he made it official.

"To be honest I've no idea" Dani shrugged her shoulders. "She's currently busy with Ambassadorial duties and I haven't managed to talk to her about it. As I said it's not customary on Drax, but then I'm one of very few hybrids that exist in our society. I'm the only one currently in Starfleet, so I guess that makes me something of an Ambassador for my people."

"A fine one you will be." Alec replied honestly. "If there is any fallout from your mother, let me know and I'll talk to her." Alec added as he signed off on the name change. "There, now it is official."

"Excellent!" Dani grinned from ear to ear like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. "In that case there's just one more thing to do." she stood up from her chair, but not before drinking some of the lemonade she'd completely forgotten about. "Permission to give you a hug?"

Alec rose from behind his desk. He stood beaming at Danica as she made her request. "Permission happily given." As he opened his arms to receive and hug her.

Dani smiled the biggest smile yet as she quickly moved around, giving her father a long overdue hug. Somehow it didn't feel as odd as she was expecting it to, seeing as they hadn't met up until now. She smiled wiping away a few happy tears as she stepped back again. "If I could explain what this meant..." she shook her head. "I don't have the words!"

Alec gave her a tender hug. A daughter he never knew he had was standing in front of him and he couldn't be happier. "We have a lot to catch up on and new memories to build." He smiled brilliantly at her, "I think I know what it means Danica and like you I don't have the words, so my actions and emotions will have to suffice."

"That's good enough for me father" Dani nodded and smiled. "I'd like to meet Commander Hunter if she's available?"

Alec nodded, "Your wish is my command. Let's go."



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