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Getting to Know You - part 1

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2024 @ 12:07pm by Lieutenant JG Danica Hunter & Captain Alec Hunter

1,543 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: Welcome Home Stanger
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: After, It's a Girl - 48 hours after Alec’s return

Alec stood outside the holodeck as he waited for Dani to arrive. He wanted to get to know her better. Not as an officer but as his daughter. But how? Talking was well and good and it answered lots of questions, but he also wanted to see how she reacted as Dani, in unscripted moments. On the fly, unscripted So, he thought a camping trip might give him some more personal insight to his daughter. For their camping trip, he had chosen Glacier National Forest. It offered natural beauty, hiking trails, ample fishing spots as well as rock climbing if Dani was into that.

Dani hadn't got a clue what her father had in mind for father/daughter time. Arriving at the holodeck in trousers and wearing shoes suitable for any occasion she smiled as she greeted Alec. "Hi father, hope I haven't kept you waiting too long? I wasn't sure what we'd be doing so I wasn't sure what to wear."

"Hi Dani. Not at all." Alec replied pleasantly. "What you are wearing is fine. I thought we'd share a camping experience." He pointed to a rucksack at the holodeck entrance. "That's yours. It has everything you should need for out little adventure. If you'd like to check it before we begin, go ahead."

Dani smiled. "To be honest I've never been camping in my life, so I'll trust that everything is there, no need to check it. This is going to be a first, but at the same time it'll be fun." she picked up the rucksack ready to head into the holodeck.

Alec smiled, "I hope it is fun for you Dani. That is is something you enjoy and want to do again. You have your sleeping bag there with you. So, if you are ready, we can begin the adventure and see what comes our way."

"I'll try anything once!" Dani smiled as she walked into the holodeck alongside Alec. "So where are we camping? I haven't been anywhere much long enough to really get to know places, it's all a grand adventure now."

"Computer, run Glacier National Forest program three." Alec called out as they entered the holodeck. They were instantly surrounded by the smell of pine in the air, tall trees, cool, crisp air and the sight of birds flying overhead. "Welcome to Glacier National Forest, Dani. It is located in northwest Washington State of the United States on Earth."

"Wow..." Dani looked around, the sight before her was beautiful. The sounds of nature, the tall trees, it was all new to her. Is everywhere on Earth so lush and scenic?"

Alec shook his head and chuckled. "I wish it was Dani. However, many places on Earth that are homes to the big cities are dirty and block out the sun. This how life should be. Free and clean."

Dani nodded. "Much like Drax then, we have a lot of built up areas that you have to travel far from to get peace and quiet. Though even that isn't really peace and quiet when you're amongst telepaths. The Drax share their minds openly, though privacy is respected at all times. Punishment is severe for invading another's mind. As for me, the voices are always there in the background, they never go away." she offered a smile nonetheless. "So where are we headed?"

Alec nodded, "Peace and quiet is ideal. True peace and quiet even better. Where you can be alone. Just you and your thoughts. No one else intruding. That is peace. As to where we are going. We'll get to our camping area, set up camp and go from there. How's that sound?"

"It sounds wonderful" Dani smiled warmly. She'd been looking forward to truly getting to know her father, this camping trip would be ideal for that. She'd never known what it was like to have a father figure in her life, which is why this trip was all the more important.

Alec smiled in response. "Good Dani. we don't have much further to go." As he headed up the trail to where their campground was. Once there, he would set up their tent and get the firepit ready so they could their meals over it. He just hoped Dani enjoyed herself on this little adventure.

"You'll have to show me how to set up a tent" Dani grinned. "I feel pretty stupid not knowing how to do it, but I'm a fast learner. On Drax we have shared wooden cabins, they're used for educational trips and retreats."

Alec nodded, "That isn't bad. A tent is more mobile and easier to set up. I have a three-person tent for us, so it gives us some extra room. Don't feel stupid. Once you see how, you'll always remember. It is very simple."

Dani nodded and smiled. "This is going to be fun!" she walked quietly before looking towards Alec again. "There's something you should know about me, and my mother. I don't know if she ever told you about Drax culture. We're a Matriarchal society, my grandmother is currently Matriarch after which my mother will inherit, I guess you could say I'm Drax's version of a Princess. Though to be honest I don't have any interest in being a Matriarch, although I have plenty of time before that happens. Drax have a long lifespan, much like Vulcans."

Alec smiled, "I hope so Dani. I knew Drax was a Matriarchal society. I learned that from your mother. I didn't remember about your grandmother. As for you, you have plenty of time to think on it. Just don't rush into anything."

"Ohh I don't intend to" Dani smiled. "Mum will inherit before me so I'll be a lot older than I am now before my time arrives! Besides I'm planning on seeing what's out there amongst the stars with you." she gave him a warm smile. "Can I ask...what was your last mission?"

"Glad to have for the trip Dani. I just hope I don't disappoint you. As for my last mission, I'm sorry sweetheart. That is and remains highly classified. I'd tell you if I could. Not even Mari knows the full details. I doubt if Admiral Wilkenson is going to change that classification any time soon."

"I can understand that where your wife is concerned, but given that she's your First Officer I find that surprising." Dani offered a more professional tone. "As for me I have a high clearance level, given that I'm also marine Counsellor. Though I guess it might not be high enough."

"Sweetheart. It isn't so much your security clearance which I am sure is high, just like Mari's. It is also the sensitivity of the subject matter. If I could tell you I would." Alec replied.

Dani nodded. "I understand father, if the time comes when you are permitted I'll be there to listen. In the meantime how's about we get ourselves set up, I'm looking forward to the whole camping out experience." she smiled warmly.

"When the time comes and it will. I will tell you and Mari the full story. I promise." Alec replied firmly. So as you say, let's get the tent set up and out of the way."

"Lead on" Dani grinned as she stepped aside. "You're the only one who knows where we're setting up!"

"That's right I do. It isn't much further. Just up this little rise and about fifty feet. You'll see our campsite with the firepit." Alec bantered back.

Following her father it wasn’t long before they reached their site, putting her pack down Dani looked around. “Nice spot, now all I need to do is learn how to put up a tent!” She grinned at Alec.

"Ask and you shall receive." Alec answered as he took his rucksack off and undid the top roll and unrolled it to reveal a three man tent. "First spread the tent wide and drive the stakes into the ground. Once that is done, go inside the tent and set up the center poles. So, it won't fall on us."

“Aye, aye Captain!” Dani grinned and nodded, once the tent was unpacked she spread it out on the ground just as Alec had told her. “Where do the stakes need to go? Shouldn’t we put the tent up first so we can see where the stakes need to be?”

"Each corner Dani." Alec replied and then added. We can do that if you prefer. Though the ten won't stay still. It will move as we place the center pole in."

“Ahh I see” Dani nodded. “I’ll put the pegs in first then as it makes sense.” She smiled as she set about doing it making sure to get Alec’s nod of approval as she did so. “Okay, centre pole now.”

Alec nodded, "Center pole." He agreed as he placed it inside the tent, and it took on its proper configuration. "Okay, that's done. Let's get our rucksacks inside... in case it rains."

Dani picked up her rucksack and carried it inside, the tent itself was more spacious than she had been expecting it be. "Nice! it's going to be fun sleeping in here. She set her pack down to start unpacking.



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