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Commander Marissa Hunter

Name Marissa Hunter

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Lanthanite

Physical Appearance


Spouse Captain Alec Hunter
Other Family Step Daughter-Lt JG Danica Hunter
Sister In Law- Dr Amanda Corelli
Brother in Law- Lt Cmdr Frank Corelli

Personality & Traits

Personal History Commander Mai’Rissa Hunter

Mai’Rissa , generally just goes by Marissa. She is the Commanding officer of Starbase 135. Starbase 135 lies out near what used to be the Romulan Neutral Zone. It serves as a repair and trade station for various allied species and organizations. It also serves as a Federation listening station because even though the Neutral Zone is gone, the Federation has never fully trusted the Romulans.
Marissa is a Lanthanite. (Example: Pelia on Strange New Worlds). An extremely long lived race, her parents, Ben’Ji (Ben or Benji) and El’li and (Eli) are part of group of Lanthanite explorers that crash landed on Earth around 10 BC.
Marissa herself is not that old. She was born on Earth in the 1655 on a farm near Salem Massachusetts. If asked her age she will only say she is 39 ½ but then in the next breath she’s happy to give you her take on the Salem witch trials as well as many of her own adventures throughout history. She has a passion for ancient Egypt and Greece. She wasn’t there personally, but her parents were. In the past, Lanthanites were not so open about their longevity and the fact that they had visited and colonized Earth so long ago, but within the last century they revealed themselves and have become part of the Federation. Lanthanites are virtually indistinguishable from humans, but the elder Lanthanites tend to speak with a very odd accent. Marissa herself speaks with a basic Federation Common accent and has since early in her academy days. Some other cadets made fun of her accent so she went out of her way to work with a speech coach to get rid of the Lantanite accent she picked up from her parents. It does still sneak out from time to time .
Marissa previously served on a handful of ships as a Security Officer, most recently a she was the Chief Security Officer of the USS Arlington prior to taking command of Starbase 135.
While on the Arlington, she met and married Alec Hunter. Not long after their marriage, he was injured on a rescue mission at Chin Noga IV. The Arlington’s primary mission there was indeed to rescue innocent civilians but rumor has it that there was some top level intel activity going on as well. Marissa denies knowledge of it being anything more than a civilian rescue mission.
It was not long after that that Alec was officially reassigned to Starfleet intelligence and sent off on a mission that Marissa was not briefed on. Marissa was promoted to Commander and transferred to Starbase 135 where she assumed command. That was over two years ago. The only clue to where he might be that she had ever received was several months ago when a Ferengi merchant delivered a crate of Romulan ale to her office with a note written in Lanthanite, a language few people that are not Lanthanite know. The note simply said: “I’m alive.”
Starbase 135 picks up on general subspace jiber jaber from Romulan territory all the time, even sometimes info on where their ships might be having combat drills. But things recently have gotten very quiet. Is it the calm before the storm?